Mix mastering questions. How to make files ready for treatment.

 mix mastering question Mix:

  1. Export all tracks from DAW (Ableton, Reason, Logic etc.). Make sure that all the tracks of similar characteristics have been grouped.
  2. Each of the exported tracks should be of the same length with the WAV extension.
  3. Place all tracks in a single folder and make either a “rar” or “zip” file.
  4. Upload the created file by means of www.sendspace.com.
  5. Copy the downloadable link and send it to miniature.records@gmail.com.
  6. Might you have a particular example, i.e. a reference recording, include it as a link in the mail.

 mix mastering question Mastering:

  1. Export your piece of music from DAW (Ableton, Reason, Logic etc).
  2. Make sure that the main channel is free from any additional effects such as a compressor, limiter, etc).
  3. The exported piece should not be lauder than 2bd.
  4. Upload the file at www.sendspace.com.
  5. Copy the downloadable link and send it to our mail: miniature.records@gmail.com.
  6. May you have a particular example, i.e. a reference recording providing a conceptualisation framework to be reflected in some extent, include it as a link in your mail.


What kinds of music genres are included within the scope of our mastering services?

In our view, the style of a given piece e.g. hip hop, club music, new beats, techno, jazz etc. is considered to be significant but it is not necessarily deemed to be a decisive factor when choosing particular means. The principles of engineering of sound are rather unchanging, the only difference lies in accentuation of aspects of a given piece. For instance, if hip hop is taken into consideration, its foundation lies in the dynamic beat and well mixed vocal. This is how a given hip hop track retains its genre specific flow, instruments are adequately balanced, and verses maintain a specific vocal distribution. Prior to any assignment, a set of reference tracks is compiled and it becomes a foundation for fulfilling a given order. This procedure ensures that the compiled tracks will be in keeping with a convention style that is natural for a given genre. If you require the vocal to be characteristic of a given hip hop genre or rnb, we will make it according to current standards.

Are samples of our work available prior to placing an order?

Yes. If you would like to listen and test what results we can deliver, contact us. We will do our best to send you a sample matching or corresponding as closely as possible to a genre of your choice.

Is the sound specific for other reference track achievable?

Yes. You can include a reference recording when sending files to us. This is how we will know exactly what kind of sound is our goal to be achieved on your recording. If you do not have such a reference track, no problem, everything will be done according to our experience and recommendations.

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