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Mastering and mixing online is what we do. We are engineers of sound having a well-run record studio at our disposal. Mixing, mastering  and video voice-over is our specialisation field. We cooperate with music producers, publishing companies, music bands and session musicians. Treatment of recordings as well as running larger scale projects such as EP, LP etc. are within our scope of activity. Embarking on cooperation route with us will guarantee that your project will sound as close to perfection as it may and it will have flawless technical parameters. Although our studio is located in Krakow, Poland, our services are available all around the World. The complete scope of our services has been shaped in such a way that the whole process could be carried out online. We welcome all inquiries and suggestions you may have even during the course of treatment. Write to us any time. Our payment system also operates on the basis of paypal. This is how everything is conducted conveniently and at the right pace.

Who are our services for?

  • For music producers and music artists who wish to avail themselves of a professional music studio while avoiding the necessity of renting the whole thing with the equipment. We assume that our prospective clients are solely interested in a particular service, namely mixing / mastering online. On the regular basis, such services entail significant financial costs being charged hourly, whereas, as our client, you will be charged only for the particular end result.

  • For music producers and music artists who work in their home studio and they whish that their artistic outputs could sound in a fully professional manner. You do not have to own an expensive audio system. Our equipment and skills will make your records of the top notch quality.

  • For music producers and music artists who either wish to release an album or send a professional Demo to a publishing company. In the first case, mixing and mastering online is both a foundation and a guarantee that your music is compliant with current technical standards. As a result, a listener will enjoy dynamic and clean recordings with a natural sound. If you want to send your Demo to a publishing company, keep your technical parameters up to the standard and, by doing so, avoid the risk of unexpected disqualification.

  • For music producers and music artists who have already had their records made in a studio and they might require professional mixing and mastering. When a standard recording session is taken into consideration, mixing and mastering online is not included. Consequently, music artists simply receive particular recordings that should still be suitably and professionally treated.

Advantages and benefits:

  • Regardless of the audio system (club, album CD,  Internet files) your records  will sound clear and dynamic. This is a muster, if you wish to have your records presented to a larger publicity (e.g. via radio stations).

  • Excellent parameters of particular constituents of your recordings such as deep base, dynamic beat, wide surround vocal or distinctive guitars will be all set and altogether combined in a balanced fashion comprising a professional record.  

  • Records made in a home studio will be endowed with a professional sound. It will not be left unnoticed by both your listenership and musical colleague. 

  • A recorded session of a band, for instance, will be sealed with a perfect mix and mastering with a natural sound. Your records will sound compliant with guidelines of a given music genre while maintaining its unique character and quality.


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microphone52 Dancehall

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mastering Muzyka Klubowa

microphone52 Reggae

drummer Instrumental

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Our stuff

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Audio Monitors

  • Adam Ax7
  • Krk Rokit 5
  • Alesis MK II
  • AKG K240 Studio
  • Beyerdynamic 770Pro

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  • Interface Audio Focusrite SAFFIRE PRO 40
  • IGS Mix Bus Compressor S-Type
  • Studio mixer: Mackie 32-8 BUS
  • Tape Recorder: REVOX A77
  • AKG Perception 120

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  • Ableton Live
  • Reason 6.0
  • Protools
  • Native Instruments Komplite
  • PSP Plugins


To date, in addition to individual band, musicans and producers we  collaborated with TV, Radio Station, Marketing Agency:

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Miniature records-kopia 2

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Miniature records-kopia

Miniature records

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