Mix and Mastering Price

mix and mastering – price

mix and mastering online – you can choose one of the options:

I Single track miks

  • Advanced EQ
  • Analog Compression
  • Manual Vocal Editing – DeEssing, Multicompresion
  • Adding Ambiance and Stereo Widening

II Analog Mastering

  • Loudness Maximization and Dynamic Expansion
  • Analog Tape Saturation
  • Bass Enhancement
  • Peak Limiting

III Mix + Analog Mastering

Before buying, please contact us by e-mail – we will answer all your questions and send instructions.

Every payment is secure, fast and can be done from any country – using paypal

mix and mastering


30€ max song time - 5 min
    • Time of realization – 4 days
    • Professional mix (one song)
    • Max 30 tracks
    • Realization – full online

Analog Mastering

25€ max song time - 5 min
    • Time of realization – 4 days
    • Analog Mastering
    • One track in WAV format
    • Realization – full online

Mix and mastring LP / EP?

If you are interested in album’s or single’s mastering  – write to us – we will prepare a special calculation. All activities (mix and mastering) we are able to do completely online. If you are interested mix and mastering of the vinyl record – please contact us by email or Skype. If you want to cheap and good mix and master your records – you’re in good place.

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